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"A happier life with your dog becomes easy once you see your dog as a dog & honor his canine perspective."

- Cesar Millan

Learn about Dog Psychology !

If you experiencing:

  • "Aggression"

  • Fear 

  • Leash pulling

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Non-peaceful pup pack

  • Pup won't listen

  • Trouble walking


You are in the right place !

This is not about quick fixes and fads, rather this is a holistic approach and understanding of dog behavior.

Rachel Witz is

Conveniently Located in Manhattan

New York City!


Available for:

  • In-person sessions

(in NYC or in your Home)

  • Conference Calls

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May 28, 2019

You Can Totally Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

“Despite common misconceptions, seniors are plenty capable of mastering something new,” comments Rachel Witz, a dog behaviorist with Long Island Chihuahua Rescue. “Regardless of their age or background, dogs are instinctual and live in the moment, so teaching them new obedience commands, or ‘tricks’ is both possible and beneficial.”   


How do you go about teaching older dogs new tricks? Witz, who is also a proud mom of three seniors, recommends positive reinforcement and direct, clear communication. She also suggests playing games, like hiding a favorite toy or object and searching for it together, to help a senior’s mind stay sharp. 


“Learning new commands helps dogs feel accomplished, proud, and confident,” adds Witz. “Be calm and confident, a leader and teacher. Your dog will thank you for it.”

  - Mark Jason Williams